The Blazer

The Blazer as a solution for polluted aspiration systems

As a distributor, you focus on the sale of aspiration systems, or you use an aspiration system as this detection method best suits your environment. The maintenance on the detector is carried out at set times; the filters are replaced, vital parts are checked and the settings are carefully analysed.


The question remains what to do with the network of aspiration pipes? It may well be that your system is placed in an environment with high levels of dust and pollution. These include industrial applications such as factories or refuse processing, or even a riding school, a storage unit and a chicken or pig farm. The piping network will become strongly polluted and cleaning it is not a straightforward job. In addition, there will be a need to clean the piping network and absorption holes outside the regular cleaning cycle.

We call the solution for your maintenance “The Blazer”

This automatic aspiration maintenance system is highly effective in blowing the network of pipes clean. The system is installed right behind the detector in the piping network and briefly blows pressurised air into the pipe in order to remove any accumulated dirt. The pulsating effect of the air that is pushed through ensures that even persistent dirt is stripped from the inside of the piping network and removed. Fine dust such as from cocoa, straw, animal foodstuffs or numerous other continuous processes involving the release of high levels of dust will be removed.
Another major advantage of The Blazer is that a PLC can be used to program when the blow-out takes places. According to need, this can be daily, weekly or planned in-between certain shifts, taking into account weekends. During the cleaning process, the aspiration system continues to function without any further intervention required.

The Blazer aspiration maintenance system has been developed with the aim of securing the proper performance of the aspiration system. A clean system has a longer lifespan and a positive effect on operational reliability and with that operation times. The risk of the detector issuing an alarm due to blockages and pollution in the piping network is reduced to a minimum as is the frequency at which the filters need to be replaced.

In order for The Blazer to perform properly it needs a minimum pressure of 4 atmospheres. In order to handle these pressure levels, the system uses high-quality valves. As in the case of the valves, a conscious choice was made for highquality A-brand parts for the development of The Blazer. Once The Blazer comes into operation, a cleaning cycle is started at the aspiration pipe that is connected first, depending on the number of pipes connected. The first channel is cleaned in accordance with an adjustable time after which the system switches to the second and, if present, the third and fourth aspiration pipes.

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