How does it work?

How does it work?

Here you can see a demonstration movie of how the aspiration maintenance unit works:

The Blazer autonomously blows pressurized air thought the aspirating pipe network, fully controlled by a pre-programmed PLC. The pulsating air stream efficiently removes dust and dirt from the sampling holes, to ensure the correct level of air flow through the ASD system and a secure detection is maintained.

 The air pressure is controlled by a separate air valve. The valve for the first pipe is opened when the cleaning schedule starts. In the next 25* seconds pressurized air flows through the pipe with a 1* second pulse width. 2* seconds after completing the cleaning cycle for the first pipe, the normal airflow to the detector will be restored. 60* seconds later the cleaning cycle of the next pipe will commence.

 By selecting the appropriate cleaning program The Blazer enables the use of an aspirating detector system in a wide range of dirty and dusty environments.

 *) These default values can be adjusted in the settings menu, by the user.

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