Applications of the Blazer

The introduction of The Blazer was preceded by a history of testing and making adjustments, ultimately leading to the current product. The first systems were installed in 2011 and in the meantime they have been installed in various countries in Europe and beyond like Canada and Australia.

The system is primarily developed to operate in combination with the VESDA aspiration systems. The Blazer is offered as part of several types of VESDA systems to VdS in Germany and as a result of that, The Blazer can be used as part of a certified system. (There is no EN54 chapter for a product like the Blazer itself.)

Users about the Blazer; This system provides the perfect solution in practically every extremity and the combination of high-quality components and a smart concept results in a long-term solution wherever dirt is the greatest threat to your aspiration system. The Blazer must be regarded as a highly valuable addition to our aspiration systems.

Enthusiasm about The Blazer shown by a number of customers active within the heavy industry in like in France, where this automatic maintenance unit has become a popular choice. In addition to the refuse processing business, many steel factories are now equipped with The Blazer as part of the aspiration system.