The Blazer

Aspiration Maintenance Unit


By acquiring an aspiration system you invest in your fire safety. However, you need to carry out maintenance in order to guarantee the continuity of this investment. The Blazer carries out the maintenance of the piping network of your aspiration system as often as desired. Major advantage is that the aspiration system does not any intervention while carrying out the maintenance and therefore the following holds true: "automatic maintenance as often as desired”.

Carrying out maintenance to the piping network of an aspiration system is a labour intensive job, certainly so if this network is poorly accessible. By using The Blazer, you need not complete mission impossible to clean the piping network of your aspiration system. You simply install the automatic maintenance unit near the detector in the piping network and that is all there is to it. Not only is this highly efficient, it is most convenient at the same time!

By using the Blazer maintenance unit you can be sure that the pipes of your aspiration system are clean. This in its turn has a positive effect on the time frame within which the filters in the detector normally get polluted. The detector processes many times less pollution and therefore any contamination reports or alarms take much longer to be triggered. Furthermore, the lifespan is extended which has a positive effect on the running costs in both the short and long term.